Saturday, February 4, 2012

Lookbook: Cheese Board, Marina and A Sunny Saturday

I am so glad the weather is getting better in San Francisco. Today's weather was a beautiful mid 60's weather with just a hint of sea breeze. I spent some quality time with my beautiful roommate by getting Cheese Board pizza, eating it at the median of the street while enjoying live music from the restaurant and soaking up the sun, then visiting the Berkeley Marina. 

Saturday's Cheese Board pizza: roma tomatoes, red onions, french goat cheese, mozzarella, herbs and garlic olive oil

I don't believe I've ever seen Cheese Board without a line

Shot from the Berkeley Marina, with the San Francisco city sky line in view

Cole Haan flats
Louis Vuitton Vernis Roxbury (old)
Marc Jacobs sunnys
Banana Republic blouse
Amrita Singh Nello nekclace (similiar)
Michael Kors watch
Tiffany's pearl bracelet

How are you spending your weekends?


Fatima said...

 sounds like a very great weekend dear (:
you have beautiful pictures ! wow, I like them (:

Joyce Chen said...

Your blouse is so pretty and I love these pictures :)

Valencia Maximillian said...

u look so happy! haha the pizza look soo yum! anyway, cute top! :D 

Lyanasu said...

Really adore that minty waterfall top!  Going to follow you dear :) you've got a great sense of style.

winnietsuii said...

You're adorableeee! It looks like a rather fun, and relaxing weekend <3